This Project

A whitepaper describes the history of the project's development and the architecture and features of Lace 0.4+.

The image zoning features of Lace 0.5+ are described in a separate paper, and the search function of 0.5.5+ here.

Lace is under developement at its github site. Please use its features to report or follow any issues. Please include the following information:

  1. Your current version of Lace, which is shown at the footer of this page.
  2. Your current version of eXist-db.

Author/Developer: Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is Professor and Head of the Department of Classics at Mount Allison University in Canada. He received his PhD in Classics at the University of Toronto, and has worked on several digital initiatives.


The kind early support of Federico Boschetti at the ILC/CNR in Pisa, Italy has been invaluable.

The Open Greek and Latin team, including faculty, librarians, interns and undergrads, have been a constant inspiration.